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Woodridge Plan Commission Consideration of an Amendment to a Special Use Permit for a Planned Unit Development and a Major Amendment to a Final Plan and Plat of Planned Unit Development – Westwood Centre PUD – AMITA Health – 2363 63Rd Street


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Case Number :



Prepared By:

Jason Zawila, Planner 



AMITA Health

3040 Salt Creek Lane

Arlington Heights, IL 60005



2363 63rd Street (Westwood Centre Shopping Center)


Requested Action:

Major Amendment to a PUD  


Property Size:

6.16 Acres 


Existing Zoning:

B-2 Community Shopping District 


Existing Land Use:

Shopping Center 


Surrounding Land Use:

North: Townhome Subdivision (Under Construction) 

South: Stormwater Detention Area 

East: Shopping Center (Downers Grove)

West: Automotive Repair/Gas Station/Restaurant    




Site Description             

The subject parcel is located on Lot 5 of the Westwood Centre PUD and is approximately 6.16 acres in size (Attachment A - Location Map) and is improved with a 65,613 square foot building with associated improvements.  The subject parcel is located at 2363 63rd Street.  Westwood Centre is approximate 20 acre shopping center, where Target, Steven’s Restaurant and 5/3rd Bank are also tenants.  


In 1997 the Village Board approved an amendment to the Preliminary Planned Unit Development Plan and Plat for Westwood Centre and an amendment to the Final PUD Plan and Plat for Dominick’s.  Dominick’s vacated their space in 2013 and the subject parcel has remained empty since that time. 


Development Proposal             

AMITA Health, the applicant, is requesting an amendment to a special use permit for a planned unit development and a major amendment to the final planned unit development plan and plat for Westwood Centre to allow modifications to the building façade and a deviation from the maximum wall signage requirements.  The applicant will be making a nearly $9 million investment in the space to accommodate immediate care, physical therapy and various medical offices.  The proposed Woodridge locations is part of a larger expansion of AMITA Health in the Chicago Region.  The applicant will be constructing additional screen walls along the southern façade for mechanical equipment and refuse.


The submitted plans show the location of the window and wall signage for the applicant’s buildout (Attachment B - Signage Plan and Attachment C - Façade Improvements).  The total proposed signage is 585 square feet.   


Staff Analysis             

With office uses, the Village Code allows a maximum sign surface area of two hundred (200) square feet for wall and window identification signs on each side of the building facing an abutting street.  Since AMITA Health is categorized as an office use they are currently allowed a maximum sign surface area of 200 square feet.   


With Dominick’s 2007 amendment, the Village Board approved relief from the wall signage maximum requirements to allow up to 477 square feet of signage on the northern façade and 200 square feet of signage on the eastern façade.  At the time retail tenants were only allowed maximum wall signage of 250 square feet.  In 2013 the Village Code was amended to allow 2.5 square foot of sign surface area per linear foot of the store front for single tenant buildings, with no maximum requirement.  If a retail use was proposed for the subject parcel a maximum of 822 square feet of wall signage on the northern façade would be permitted.


Staff recognizes the importance of brand recognition and AMITA Health’s attempt to standardize signage with their expansion in the Chicago region. Due to the size of the façade and the fact that the building is setback 410 feet from 63rd Street, staff is supportive of granting additional relief for the building. Because the total sign surface area is divided among several signs across the façade expanse, the visual impact is minimized.  Furthermore, if the space was occupied by a retailer user the tenant would be allowed significantly more signage than what the applicant is proposing. 


Findings of Fact             

Staff has prepared draft Findings of Facts attached to this memorandum as Attachments D and E.  The Plan Commission may modify the Finding of Facts as necessary and should then adopt such Findings of Facts under separate recommendations.


Action Necessary             

Staff recommends that the Plan Commission make the following motions and recommendation.  A total of three motions are needed.


Findings of Fact


1.              Make a motion to adopt the Findings of Fact for an amendment to the Special Use, as contained in Attachment D and as modified by the Plan Commission.


2.              Make a motion to adopt the Findings of Fact for a PUD Final Plan, as contained in Attachment E and as modified by the Plan Commission.




3.              Staff recommends the Plan Commission recommend to the Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees approval of an Amendment to an existing Special Use Permit for a Planned Unit Development based on the adopted Findings of Facts (Attachments D and E), subject to the deviation to allow a maximum sign area of 585 square feet along the northern façade, in accordance with the following plans:


a)              Sign Package as prepared by ICON, 1701 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL, 60008, consisting of ten (10) sheets, dated March 6, 2017 and Revised through August 29, 2017.


b)              Architectural Plans as prepared by hGA, 333 East Erie Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53202, consisting of three (3) sheets, dated February 24, 2017 and revised through July 6, 2017.


And subject to the development of the subject property shall comply with all applicable Village Codes and Ordinances, except as set forth in the deviation approved by the Village.